Ex-police chief fired after murder of 15-year-old Nikita Leontyev lands new position 

Ex-police chief fired after murder of 15-year-old Nikita Leontyev lands new position
Valery Belotserkovsky

Valery Belotserkovsky became Deputy Head of Frunzensky district.

Former Interior Ministry official Valery Belotserkovsky was appointed as Deputy Head of the Frunzensky district's administration on February 19, Fontanka writes with reference to the participants of the annual report of the district administration, where the public was informed about the new position of the official.

It is assumed that Belotserkovsky's area of responsibility will include security, youth policy, sports and the general department (responsible for elections as well). At least, it was this group of issues that was supervised by the Belotserkovsky's predecessor, Eduard Ilyin, who was sent the day before to manage Vasileostrovsky district.

As for Belotserkovsky himself, before that he was Deputy Head of the Committee on Law and Order of Smolny. In this position, he was in charge of connection with law enforcement agencies, and also repeatedly participated in discussions with deputies on amendments to the law on rallies. He himself noted that he did not want to leave the city committee.


Slain Nikita Leontyev

However, he is known more for his service in the police - before joining the Committee on Law, Belotserkovsky tried to assume the post of Head of the MIA's Directorate for Kalininsky district. However, he faced difficulties - Belotserkovsky was dismissed from the authorities in 2012 from the post of police chief of Nevsky district after 15-year-old Nikita Leontyev was beaten to death by officers of the police department under his control.



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