Ex-Mayor of Makhachkala adjudged €8 thousand for lack of foot massage in prison

Ex-Mayor of Makhachkala adjudged €8 thousand for lack of foot massage in prison
Said Amirov

The former official condemned for the murder of an investigator and preparation of a terrorist attack prevailed in an action in ECHR.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) partially satisfied the claim of former Mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov who serves a life sentence for the murder of an investigator and organization of terrorist attack in Cherny Delfin (Black Dolphin) colony.

In particular, as Life.ru writes, Amirov complained of incarceration conditions and quality of medical aid. The court recognized claims of the convict to physicians as illegal, while violations in incarceration conditions were confirmed. In particular, the ECHR decided to pay the ex-official €7.5 thousand compensating of moral harm and €500 of legal expenses though the prisoner required €50 thousand of compensation and €15 thousand for expenses.

As it is said in the judgment, there are no ramps for wheelchairs in the colony, what made it extremely difficult for Amirov paralyzed below a belt to move around the territory of the establishment.

“The applicant could not walk freely around the yard and come to conference halls,” ECHR specifies. Besides, the court was perturbed by the circumstance that for several months Amirov was kept in a narrow cell with six more prisoners who “could see him using the toilet” because it was not fenced off by anything.

Besides, no one was doing foot massage to the former official though he was supposed to get it on medical indications. As a result, legs of the prisoner were cramped by a spasm.

The ECHR highlights that all these domestic needs are not so essential if a person serves a small sentence, but in case of a life sentence, especially considering Amirov's disability, simple home problems come to the fore.

It should be noted that the ex-Mayor receives compensation in Europe, not for the first time. The last time in 2014, the ECHR decided to pay him about €15 thousand for violation of his rights and incarceration conditions in the pre-trial detention center until the end of the investigation.



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