Ex-husband stabs mother of many children and kindergarten teacher to death in front of children 

Ex-husband stabs mother of many children and kindergarten teacher to death in front of children
The man brutally murdered the woman Photo: KP

The woman had reported threats from her former husband several times, but law enforcers did not react to her.

In Kumysnoe, Chelyabinsk region, ex-husband brutally murdered a 36-year-old kindergarten teacher. The man stabbed her to death in front of children. This is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda

The crime was committed on July 8. The suspect has been detained, the ICR Investigative Department in Troitsk reported. 

The couple were Oksana and Timur, they had three children. Two daughter of 17 and 5, and a 10-year-old son. The older child has a disability. The custody has been transferred to their grandmother. 

Social networks users are actively discussing the incident. According to a local, Oksana worked as a teacher for eight years; many children visited her group. 

“She was very hard-working. She has recently made major repairs in her apartment. Timur – her husband – did not really work, moonlighting from time to time,” the woman familiar with the situation in the family said. 

Users note that her husband always behaved very aggressively. Until recently, Oksana had tried to cover for him, but then she decided to leave. Then Timur got even more angrier. Some sources say, he was looking for a divorce lawyer. 


Village residents also say that as of recent, Timur had threatened Oksana. “I heard him say ‘I will cut her.’ So draw conclusions from that as to what kind of a person he was,” another local said, adding that Oksana had reported him to the police several times, but they did not react, and the man was not detained, The MIA has confirmed the woman’s reports. 


“She went to the police in April. A criminal case under Threat of Murder or Infliction of Grave Injury to Health was initiated against her spouse,” the press service of the MIA Main Directorate in the Chelyabinsk region reported. 

“People wanted to stone him after the murder. Our village is bending over backwards. If he was here, they would just destroy him; she was such a good woman...” the source added.



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