Ex-Head of Miass Viktor Ardabyevsky is witness in slaughtering of GTA gang members 

Ex-Head of Miass Viktor Ardabyevsky is witness in slaughtering of GTA gang members
The massacre in the Moscow Regional Court

The gangsters tried to break into the courtroom, where the hearing of the case of banditry and contract killings, organized by the former mayor and Turbazovskie OCG, had just finished.

The video shows that there were two convoys, two men dressed as civilians, and a defendant, who had not been manhandled from the auditorium, in the courtroom during the shoot-out.

As previously reported by Press Secretary of the Moscow Regional Court Natalya Osipova, the security officials who repelled the attack of GTA gang members in the court on Tuesday were providing security in the trial against ex-Head of Miass City Administration (Chelyabinsk region) Viktor Ardabyevsky, accused of banditry and murders. 

Most likely, it was him who was behind the glass partition at the time, since according to the Moscow Regional Court, the hearing in his case was scheduled for 11 am in the room D 310, 3rd floor. Another defendant in the case, who was present at the previous hearings – Miass businessman Ralif Faizov – is not in the list of participants in trials scheduled for August 1, 2017. 

The video begins with the moment when the siloviki realize that something is happening in the hallway; they get to barricading in the room when one of the runaway prisoners suddenly runs into it. He holds the gun with two hands and points it in different directions. The security officers open fire on him right away, and he falls. Other criminals try to break in after him, but the siloviki hiding behind the tables manage to destroy them with counterfire. 

All this takes place in front of defendant Ardabyevsky, who first falls to the floor, and then sits down on the bench behind the glass partition. 

To recall, last Tuesday, five defendants in the case of GTA gang attacked their convoys in the elevator at the Moscow Regional Court. The defendants took over the guards’ weapons and broke free of the handcuffs. When on the 3rd floor, the offenders tried to enter the courtroom using the convoys as a human shield, but the police officers and soldiers of the National Guard neutralized them. During the shootout, three persons involved in the case were killed immediately, and two more were seriously injured. Later, one of them died in the hospital. One of the security officials was shot in the shoulder. The attacked convoys were injured but not shot.

Ardabyevsky is accused of banditry and contract murders. According to the investigation, it was he who commissioned the murder of local entrepreneurs Andrey Paduchin and Pavel Sidorov in 2005 and 2008 to the hitmen from Turbazovskie OCG. Ardabyevsky does not plead guilty.



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