Ex-head of E Center of Ingushetia Ministry of Internal Affairs accused of murder and torture forges academic degree

Ex-head of E Center of Ingushetia Ministry of Internal Affairs accused of murder and torture forges academic degree
Timur Khamkhoev

The prosecutor's office is conducting a check on the fact of using a false academic degree by Timur Khamkhoev when being employed.

The Head of the Center for Combating Extremism (CCE) of Ingushetia's Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Timur Khamkhoev, was suspected of another crime. This time this refers to using a false academic degree. The new criminal case was initiated under Art. 327 of the Criminal Code (Use of a Knowingly Forged Document), Kommersant writes. August 2017 witnessed a resident of the republic, Pyatimat Dalieva, sister of Magomed Daliev, who died in the police department following torture, addressing the prosecutor's office,

   Khamkhoev, as Dalieva established, was placed in the republican MIA by a relative, holding a senior post in the department. A fake diploma about graduating from the law school of the Ingush State University was then presented to the personnel department. "This diploma was issued on the basis of a certificate indicating that Khamkhoev allegedly studied at the Moscow Open University. Before serving in the MIA, he was a simple mechanic, and then, using a false academic degree and his connections, he built a career - he became a colonel and head of the CCE," said Dalieva.

If the court finds this accusation proved, then the leaders of the republican MIA, who promoted the employee with a forged document, may be brought to justice as well.

The center Head Timur Khamkhoev was detained in December 2016 on suspicion of involvement in robbery. Then FSB operatives also rounded up three of his subordinates, including the deputy. Later it transpired that the criminal case was initiated under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Commission by an official of violent actions which transcend the limits of his powers and which involve a violation of the rights of citizens). According to the investigation, the employees of the E center tortured people, in some cases with a fatal outcome.

The investigators believe on July 15, 2016, policemen used physical violence against the bank's teller, 39-year-old Maryam Dalieva and 50-year-old Magomed Daliev, demanding confessions in robbing the branch of Rosselkhozbank in the city of Sunzha. The investigators found that the spouses were beaten with a hard blunt object on the face and other parts of the body, after which the passage of air was restricted for the man. As a result, he died of asphyxiation in the office of the E center.

As part of the investigation, six employees were charged, including Khamkhoev and his deputy Sergei Khandogin, as well as the former Head of the Department of Internal Affairs for Sunzhensky district, Magomed Bekov. All of them are accused of murder, robbery, extortion, several episodes of abuse of authority with the use of violence against detainees.



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