Ex-district head who sank catamaran with people in Volga was heavily drunk 

Ex-district head who sank catamaran with people in Volga was heavily drunk
Dmitry Khakhalev

The former Volgograd Duma deputy and public official had faced trial for rape and vandalism earlier. He was barely able to stay on foot, according to a medical examination. He had BAC of 2.7 per mille.

Former Kalachevsky district (Volgograd region) head Dmitry Khakhalev was drunk while at the controls of the Elan’-12 catamaran, according to the medical examination.

He had BAC of 2.7 per mille, according to Mash. Such a BAC can severely impair one’s motility, cause stupor, prevent you from comprehending the situation you are in, and cause you to faint.

It is worth mentioning that Khakhalev was infamous in Volgograd. The Kalachevsky District Court convicted him of violation of five articles of the Criminal Code and gave him a 4-year custodial sentence in 2009. He was convicted of rape, vandalism involving weapons, bodily injury, beating, and contempt of police officers.

Khakhalev was at a recreation facility on the Don River bank in May 2008, according to the Court. He got drunk, raped, and beat a woman at the facility. Khakhalev then opened fire from a Saiga carbine near the river, shooting at least 20 times. Khakhalev stroke another facility visitor with the carbine stock when the man tried to take the firearm away from Khakhalev. The Court also convicted him of two counts of contempt of police officers.

Khakhalev was given a ridiculously small prison sentence despite the gravity of his actions. He would be given soft treatment out of respect for his father’s merits, according to an unofficial version. His father Igor Sizov, a Domestic Service General Lieutenant, had worked as the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate in the Volgograd region for many years.


Domestic Service General-Lieutenant Igor Sizov

Khakhalev had gotten into scandals even before his conviction, Bloknot-Volgograd reported. He was elected a Volgograd City Council (was later turned into the Volgograd Duma) deputy in 2004. His time in office was marked with many scandals. One time, Khakhalev got into a fight with Sergey Nizhegorodov, a deputy and a lawyer, inside the Duma building. He smashed an entry door window during the fight.

Khakhalev would ride around the city on a Hammer that he would park next to the Duma. One day, he got behind the wheel drunk and sunk the car in the Don River. In 2006, the police suspected Khakhalev of beating the deputy head Special Security Department of the Volgograd region Internal Affairs Directorate Aleksey Knyazkov. Knyazkov had to be hospitalized afterward. He then claimed that Khakhalev was the one start the fight.

Khakhalev got into another criminal scandal due to attempted rape allegations in 2017. Two women claimed he lured them onto his yacht and tried to force them to have sex with him. One of the victims, a 20-year-old, called the police. However, he was never investigated.


To recall, 11 people (including the catamaran owner who stood at the controls) died when the catamaran collided with a barge on the Volga River overnight into June 12. Four other passengers managed to survive; they are getting concealing help.

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