Ex-Deputy Misharin's driver guilty of fatal accident violates traffic rules again 

Ex-Deputy Misharin's driver guilty of fatal accident violates traffic rules again
Dmitry Cherkasov

The accident involving the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Aleksandr Misharin, which took place on December 1, 2011, evoked a strong response in its time. Today its official culprit Dmitry Cherkasov, who himself had became disabled, got behind the wheel again.

As URA.Ru reports, today Cherkasov regained his driving license, of which he had been deprived for three years; he is an active user of Subaru Forester owned by his wife.

At the same time, as noted by the news agency, the former driver of Governor Misharin has already got three fines for exceeding the speed limit on highways. Traffic police recorded one violation in 2015, and two more — in 2016.

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With his driving license revoked, Cherkasov used to drive an ATV 

After the accident, the driver of ex-Governor Misharin, who resigned in 2014, was treated for a long time. Summer 2012 the court found him responsible for the accident that killed a resident of Kachkanar Yuri Druzhinin, sentenced him to two years' imprisonment and ordered to pay a compensation of 680 thousand rubles to the victim's family. 

It is known that Cherkasov works as a mechanic in the Yekaterinburg structure of Russian Railways, the current vice-president of which is his former boss Aleksandr Misharin.


Ex-governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Aleksandr Misharin  


A day before the accident

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, five years ago while driving a technically serviceable Mercedes S500 with the Sverdlovsk Region governor onboard, Cherkasov violated the traffic rules on 206 km of the Yekaterinburg – Serov highway. Misharin's Mercedes collided with the oncoming Volga-Siber of Yuri Druzhinin. 

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As a result of the accident, Druzhinin died, and Misharin and his driver were hospitalized with serious injuries. It was found that the car driven by Cherkasov had been excessing the 90 kilometers per hour speed limit set for this highway section without respecting a distance from the patrol escort vehicle in front.


Meanwhile, as URA.Ru reports Cherkasov's current colleagues express the opinion that the accident could have been a frameup arranged by the governor's enemies, and Dmitry Cherkasov was forced to take the blame.

The news agency notes that in his initial testimony, Cherkasov told that the escort car had been overtaking a freight car on the wrong side of the road, and then sharply moved to the right, exposing the governor's motorcade to head-on collision.  



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