Ex-Deputy Head of Moscow Regional Police cruelly murders two

Ex-Deputy Head of Moscow Regional Police cruelly murders two
Andrey Volkov’s house

Andrey Volkov was arrested after he murdered a migrant and attacked his wife.

Former Deputy Head of Moscow Regional Police Andrey Volkov has been arrested for the murder of an Uzbekistan citizen and attack on his wife.

According to Life, the retired Major General was arrested near the town of Sergiev Posad. Volkov slaughtered a married couple at his own place.

The agency said that the ex-policeman invited his neighbor Vera M., 40, and her husband Dalshot, 30 (an Uzbekistan citizen) to his dacha near Sergiev Posad. Once they got into the house, Volkov attacked both with a shovel. He delivered about ten blows with the shovel handle; Dalshot died on the spot. The woman, whom Volkov also beat with the handle, managed to escape and call for help. At the moment, Vera M. is in critical condition in hospital.

According to reports, the former official was under the influence of alcohol.

The Major General has been detained. Investigation team is currently working at the crime scene; details of the incident are to be established.



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