Ex-cons may be banned from owning weapons in Russia

Ex-cons may be banned from owning weapons in Russia

People who have a criminal record for a grave crime, as well as those who violated the law in a drunken state, should be deprived of the right to own weapons, Major General of Police Leonid Vedenov, head of a Rosgvardia Directorate said today.

Note that the discussion on the tightening of the legislation began after a crime was committed in the Tver region, where in the beginning of summer a drunken man shot nine people with a hunting rifle.

"It is necessary to prohibit the possession of weapons by Russians who have a conviction for grave and especially grave crimes or who have committed crimes in a drunken state. This provision is the first one and we are working on it at the present time. After we formulate our proposals, we will introduce it to the government," said Vedenov.

Previously, Pravda.Ru reported that Rosgvardia was going to cease to perform the role of the department that only serves the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will establish its own body of operational and investigative activities. Operatives of the department will catch thieves in law, gang members and bust brothels.



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