Ex-chief of Kudymkar traffic police faces 4.5-year sentence for drunk accident

Ex-chief of Kudymkar traffic police faces 4.5-year sentence for drunk accident
Viktor Trushnikov

In the Perm region, ex-chief of the Kudymkar State Traffic Safety Inspectorate risks being jailed for drunk driver accident, which has claimed the life of his colleague.

During the debate on the case of former Chief of Kudymkar State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, which was held last Friday, April 7, the prosecution demanded that the ex-police officer was sentenced to 4.5 years of penal colony settlement.

According to the Yusvinsky district Prosecutor Oleg Zaitsev, Viktor Trushnikov's guilt has been fully proved; he committed the accident while being drunk. 

Defense of the former police inspector insisted that the police car had cut up a Moskvich, but this version was rejected by the court. 

As for the person responsible for the accident, Trushnikov does not plead guilty. In addition, He asked the judge to postpone consideration of the case, since he needed time to prepare his speech. As a result, Federal Judge Marina Zubova appointed the next hearing in the case on April 10.

It should be noted that Viktor Trushnikov is accused of causing human death by negligence (part 3 of Art. 264 of the Russian Criminal Code). In May last year, he lost control of the car on the road Kudymkar-Pozhva while intoxicated. As a result, the car flew to the side of the road and crashed into a tree. The accident claimed the life of Trushnikov’s colleague, Special Agent of the Yusvinsky district police department Dmitry Vakhnin, who was in the car. After the accident, Viktor Trushnikov was dismissed from the police.

During the first court session, the father of the deceased police officer Vladislav Vakhnin demanded the maximum punishment for Viktor Trushnikov. In addition, he filed a civil suit against the culprit of the accident and claims compensation of 2 million rubles (35 thousand dollars).



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