Ex-authorities who sold philharmonic hall will be tried for fraud and keeping of weapon

Ex-authorities who sold philharmonic hall will be tried for fraud and keeping of weapon

For four years the investigating authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria were working on the high-profile criminal case against four senior officials who were charged with fraud.

Persons of interest hold key positions in the government of the Republic and also turned out to be relatives of the former head of CBR, the Federation Council member Arsen Kanokov.

And now, the CBR prosecutors finally take the case to the Nalchik Court for review on the merits.

According to the supervisory authority, in 2012, the former head of the CBR Presidential Administration Vladimir Zhamborov, Minister for State Property Management Habdulsalam Ligidov, his deputy Ruslan Zhamborov, as well as the Deputy Head of the property management in the city of Nalchik and entrepreneur Khachim Bekshokov formalized the sale of the building of the local philharmonic hall with a total space about 600 sq.m. and a plot of land next to it with an area of over 1 hectare at a lower cost by providing false documents.

According to them, the building in the city center cost no more than 1 million rubles, while its actual value was not less than 15 million.

The suspects were arrested, and soon another scandal associated with the case of theft of the property of the Ministry of Defence through the "Oboronservis" rose, since the company "Capital Consulting" featured in both cases.

At first, the detainees faced charges of fraud, however, as the offense for reasons beyond their will did not make it to its logical conclusion, the article of charges has been changed to "attempted fraud committed by a group of persons by prior agreement on a large scale".

Also, said RIA Novosti, the two accused will be tried for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. At Vladimir Zhamborov’s more than thirty 9mm pistol cartridges were found, and Ruslan Zhamborov had unregistered pistol "Walter", pistol Korovin and cartridges.



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