Every third young Russian wants to leave for good

Every third young Russian wants to leave for good
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In 2014-2017, the share of those who thought of emigration fluctuated in the range of 21-26%.

The number of Russians aged 18 to 24, who announced their desire to move abroad for permanent residence, has reached a maximum in the last five years. This was reported by 31% of respondents of the latest poll conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM). In 2014-2017, the share of those who thought of emigration fluctuated in the range of 21-26%. In 2013, the same 31% of respondents gave the same answer to this question.

However, the latest survey shows that the vast majority of Russians do not want to leave Russia for the sake of moving to another country – 88% percent of respondents indicated this. 

Most Russians have not noted an increase in the number of people leaving for permanent residence to other countries over the past couple of years. 27% believe that the proportion of such people has fallen, and 27% that their number has not changed. 23% indicated the increase in the flow of immigrants.

Sociologists found that 26% of respondents have relatives and friends who have left the Russian Federation in recent years. This share was 46% among those who made trips abroad in the last two or three years.

At the same time, the number of people wishing to go abroad remains almost unchanged. Since 2011, their number has varied between 10-13%. In 2018, 10% of Russians indicated their desire to leave for permanent residence in another country. Among people who visited other countries in the past two years, 19-20% consider this possibility.

It follows from the survey that over the year, the number of those who planned to move abroad within a year or two has decreased; in 2017, there were 17% of such people, and now they are 10%.

The study says that most people who have expressed their desire to leave do not have any specific plans. 44% reported that they do not know when this can happen; 41% said that they have yet to do anything to fulfill their wish. Only 26% of those wishing to leave for permanent residence abroad told that they started collecting information about the country, 22% have taken up learning a foreign language, 21% consult with those who moved overseas, and 19% save money for their plans. 

It turned out that in recent years, 18% of Russians have traveled with tourist purposes, gone on vacation, or for treatment. Among young people (18-24 years old), this share was 27%; it was 14% among people over 60. 74 percent of respondents did not leave Russia for the past two or three years.

Germany still feels like the most attractive country for Russians willing to emigrate; it has led the rating of countries considered as an alternative place of residence for the second year in a row. 16% of Russians expressed their desire to move there. The United States (7%) and Spain (6%) are also in the top three. 5% of respondents are ready to emigrate to Canada, and 4% would prefer Italy. Another 4% said they were prepared to move to one of the European countries, but did not specify which one.

The survey was conducted in the period from June 6 to 7, 2018. 1.8 thousand Russians answered questions of sociologists by phone.

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