Euroset general manager freezes to death in Moscow

Euroset general manager freezes to death in Moscow
Volunteers searched for Dmitry Efimov

The body of Dmitry Efimov, 29, was found in a forest near the Kievskoye highway.

Dmitry Efimov, the general manager of a Euroset (Russia's largest mobile phone retailer) outlet, froze to death in Moscow, reports the telegram channel Mash. The body of the 29-year-old man was found near the Kievskoye highway.

Efimov disappeared on January 12, during a strong snowstorm in Moscow. According to Nation News, the corpse was found in the forest by volunteers from the search group Liza Alert on the night of January 14-15. No visible signs of violent death were found on the body.

The investigators are establishing the circumstances of the incident. The body was sent for examination. The cause of death remains unknown.

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