Escaped convict who murdered policeman is wanted in Moscow

Escaped convict who murdered policeman is wanted in Moscow

Members of Moscow and the Moscow Region MIA received orientation on the search for a dangerous criminal, who has escaped.

Wanted Magomed Umarov was sentenced to 24 years in prison on set of criminal acts, including the murder of a police officer in the Novgorod Region.

In addition, the fugitive is convicted of robbery, brigandage, theft of weapons, car theft and drug trafficking.

The authorities have reason to believe that the fugitive is hiding in the metropolitan area, says The MIA members of the Moscow Region have been given the photos and a detailed description of the fugitive’s appearance.

This is what Yakut media report on the circumstances of escape. Convict Umarov serving a sentence in the FKU IK- 8 of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service in the Republic of Sakha on June 3, was taken to the hospital surgery of Lensk with acute gastric bleeding.

The management of the penitentiary allocated the temporary personnel to guard the prisoner, but, after 3 days of hospitalization, Umarov took advantage of the absence of the guards at night and jumping from the window of his chambers on the second floor, escaped.

With regard to the chief of the guard, for allowing the escape of dangerous prisoner, criminal proceedings were instituted on charges of negligence.



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