Environmentalist Oleg Mitvol defended Kolpino Mayor who was arrested for robbery 

Environmentalist Oleg Mitvol defended Kolpino Mayor who was arrested for robbery
Vadim Ivanov

According to the social activist, the arrest of Vadim Ivanov is associated with high-profile environmental scandal in the town.

The social activist Oleg Mitvol sent a letter to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with a request to conduct an inspection of the criminal case against the Head of Kolpino Vadim Ivanov. In his letter, the ecologist recounts the circumstances of the scandal associated with the construction of an incinerator near the town. Five kilometers away from Kolpino, there is a field for garbage dumps; now, over two million tons of waste is accumulated there.

"This landfill is an environmental threat not only to residents of Kolpino, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, but also to the citizens of Finland, which means the scale of the ecological disaster is beyond the limits of the Russian Federation. Against this background, plans to build a waste incinerator arouses a special concern, as the company will affect negatively on the health of hundreds of thousands of people", Oleg Mitvol wrote in his letter.

According to the ecologist, the active opposition against the construction was demonstrated only by Vadim Ivanov. This caused discontent among the people interested in the building of the plant. In this light, Mitvol has suspicions that the case was framed up.

As an argument, the environmentalist outlines the fact that those who testified against the Mayor were drug addicts, and the case itself is 13 years old. Mitvol also mentions the previous manager of the landfill Viktor Kolyadov. He also opposed the construction of the incinerator. And he was sacked in March this year.

At the end of the letter, the activist asks Yuri Chaika to inspect the case.

It is to be recalled that on September 28, the Head of Kolpino Vadim Ivanov was arrested in his office. He is accused of robbery. In 2003, the entrepreneur from St. Petersburg was robbed of 50 thousand dollars being threatened with a pistol.

Arrests in the case began only in 2013, when one of the attackers, who had been in prison, wrote a confession, naming his accomplices. Two of them, and an inside man, who was the sister of the victim, were detained. The case against Ivanov, who in 2013 was already the Head of the Municipality, was separated.


Mitvol's letter to the Prosecution's Office



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