“Envious, old and ugly”: Tambov blogger responded to the teacher’s request not to curse on social networks 

“Envious, old and ugly”: Tambov blogger responded to the teacher’s request not to curse on social networks
Olesya Pavlova Photo: Social media

Olesya Pavlova believes that teachers should not teach her life.

Olesya Pavlova, a blogger from Tambov, achieve notoriety thanks to a scandal with insulting Russian teachers. The girl published a video in which she explained in detail why any Russian teacher is not an authority for her. Users went ballistic.

It all started with the fact that in one of the posts a user, a female teacher, made Pavlova a remark about the frequent use of obscene language in posts. The teacher indicated that more than 16 thousand people follow the girl, and children may read her posts as well.

But Olesya considered the remark inadmissible. An active discussion flared up in the blogger's profile, and Pavlova recorded a separate video in which she voiced her position.

“Fuck you ... - the girl is angry. - Who are you? My God, a teacher teaches me life. TEACHER! That is, this person, whose parents did not have any money to send her to a normal university, so that a person get a normal degree, and now she works as a shitty teacher at a shitty school for how much? 20 thousand rubles. Are you proud of this? Are you serious at all? Are you proud to be a teacher? Um, all right, this is cool! Great! Be proud!”

After that, the bullying of Pavlova only intensified. Users called her a silicone poseur and called for blocking her account.

“You are angry, envious, ugly, old, all these feeling overflow when I say hey, look at me, I am 30, I have everything, and you are old and ugly,” Olesya answers.


Under the phrase "I have everything", the girl apparently has in mind the silicone lips and breasts, which she could afford, as well as a pink cabriolet and a two-story mansion, which she shows in her videos.



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