Entrepreneur who ate bribe faces trial

Entrepreneur who ate bribe faces trial

A businessman from the Tver region tried to bribe an officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to avoid administrative liability for alcohol trade without a license but failed.

On June 27, the Penovsky District Court will consider the case of the entrepreneur who attempted to pay a bribe of 15.000 rubles ($237) to a police officer in March 2018.

In the spring, a curious case was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Tver region. Law enforcement officers carried out preventive measures, after they received information about the illegal sale of alcohol in one of the shops of the Penovsky district of the province. The audit confirmed that the entrepreneur sold alcohol without a license and accompanying documents.

The owner of the store tried to solve the problem giving 15 thousand rubles as a bribe. However, the officer immediately reported the fact of a bribe to the police on duty and called an investigative-operational group. Then, trying to avoid punishment and hide the traces of the crime, the citizen ate one of the banknotes at face value of 5 thousand rubles.

The destruction of evidence resulted in nothing; a criminal case was initiated against him, now he faces a real term of imprisonment.



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