Employees of traffic police of Vladimir for sake of catching scorcher arranged “human shield” of stopped cars 

Employees of traffic police of Vladimir for sake of catching scorcher arranged “human shield” of stopped cars

As a result, the intruder rammed several cars, in one of which there was a child, still escaped the chase and was detained only 45 minutes after. Involuntary participants of the “human shield” prepare a complaint to the prosecutor’s office on the actions of the traffic police officers.

Drivers in the Vladimir region ask to conduct a check of the traffic police officers, who built a "human shield" of cars passing by in order to stop a dangerous violator.

The incident occurred at the traffic police post in Yuryevets on February 9 around 5 pm. Traffic police pursued a Skoda Rapid car on the M7 highway. Its driver ram into several cars, moved in the oncoming lane, passed the intersection at a red light, ignored the demands of the traffic police.

To stop the inadequate driver, the police tried to detain him with the help of drivers whose cars blocked the road. According to the Vladimir media, many drivers did not understand what was happening. Now they intend to complain about the actions of the traffic police inspectors to the prosecutor's office.

As a result, Skoda rammed several cars. In one of them, according to users of social networks, there was a child. In this case, the "human shield" stopped the offender for a while. The police still could not open the door of the car and detain the driver.

The Skoda was stopped only 45 minutes later near Lakinsk city. The 29-year-old malicious traffic police violator from Volgograd, who had already been deprived of his rights, was detained. At the same time, no signs of alcohol or drug intoxication were found. The reason for such dangerous behavior on the road is being established.

Unwitting members of the "human shield" are preparing a complaint to the prosecutor's office about the actions of traffic police officers. The press service of the regional MIA reported that they began a departmental check, during which an assessment of the actions of police officers would be given. The traffic police explained that the use of special means by staff was impossible because of the dense traffic flow.

Video: The police tried to catch inadequate driver by creating a "human shield" of stopped cars



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