Employee of Stella-Bank which had its licence revoked shot himself in front of children

Employee of Stella-Bank which had its licence revoked shot himself in front of children

Tragic incident took place August 11 on Borisoglebskaya street in Rostov-on-Don.

According to the Rostov media, 43-year-old employee of Stella-Bank Dmitry S. shot himself in the head with a firearm at about 4 pm in the hallway of his apartment; his wife was in the next room, while his little children were with him.

Ambulance crew that arrived on call of the deceased man’s wife pronounced him dead from a gunshot wound. 

The suicide was confirmed by the Rostov Investigations Directorate of the ICR (the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation). Investigators are currently conducting an inspection, establish the causes and motives of the deceased.

The Rostov Stella-Bank, which had its licence revoked on April 14 by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for risky credit policies and violations of the requirements of the Bank of Russia for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, has been officially recognized as bankrupt by the court under the Central Bank's claim on June 2.

In July, the Zamoskvoretsky City Court of Moscow sentenced the bank's Head Oleg Petrov to two and a half years in prison for fraud on an especially large scale.

The embezzlement of Stella-Bank clients’ funds was discovered after its licence revocation when the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkrytie, appointed as an agent bank by the Deposit Insurance Agency, began making payments to depositors of the bankrupt Rostov bank.

It turned out that there is considerably less money on Stella-Bank clients' accounts than there should be. Moreover, some of the bank's clients who applied for payments were missing in the Deposit Insurance Agency register.

The investigation initiated in this regard found the acting director Oleg Petrov guilty of embezzling money from the Stella-Bank accounts under the guise of delivery of credits to individuals.

Furthermore, the Rostov Stella-Bank had controversial reputation even before its licence was revoked.

In Spring 2015, a businessman Sergey Feldman, who was in conflict with the bank, shot the Stella-Bank Director Denis Burygin right in his office and then shot himself.

In his suicide note, Feldman gave a detaield description of the events, which led to his action.

Feldman had taken a bank loan on business needs. Eventually it turned out that the amount he owed to the bank was doubled, although he had made regular and timely payments to repay the loan. As a result, his property was confiscated.

Failing to provide signatures of loan contracts at the request of the businessman, the bank persuaded the court to recognize the legitimacy of Feldman's debt and confiscation of his property. Desperate to seek justice, Feldman decided to take the plunge.

Meanwhile, according to the Rostov news agency Delovoy Kvartal, the investigating authorities decided against looking into the bank's actions in respect of suicider, considering it was an escape from the punishment for murdering the banker.



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