Employee of State Automobile Inspectorate who was found dead after abduction in Mogilev could commit suicide 

Employee of State Automobile Inspectorate who was found dead after abduction in Mogilev could commit suicide
Evgeny Potapovich

This is the number one theory of the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

22-year-old inspector of the State Automobile Inspectorate Evgeny Potapovich whose dead body had been found near a city of Mogilev could have staged his own abduction. Representatives of the Investigative Committee of Belarus reported their number one theory is that he had committed suicide.

On May 16, officer of the State Automobile Inspectorate set off for a road accident scene. At 6:27 pm he sent a message through Viber: “Urgent! Black Volga. 3 gypsies. Russian car plate.” After that, the lieutenant was gone missing with his weapon. In a few hours, his dead body was found in the woods near Mogilev-Shklov Highway.

The photo that emerged on the web showed the victim had no pants on him. He had gunshot wounds to the head; there were injuries near his groin. His hands were handcuffed. 


The next day, militia carried out searches in houses and apartments of gypsies. A few teenagers, women and men were taken to a police department, reports TUT.BY. The men were sent to a remand prison for a day, the women were let go.

Later, head of the main office of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Evgeny Arkhireev stated that the information regarding the abduction of the employee of militia in the black-colored Volga car had not been confirmed. His words are being quoted by Belta agency.

The investigation theory is that the lieutenant reached a railway-crossing by hitch-hiking. With that, the weapon with 2 rounds of ammunition with 15 bullets were found near the inspector’s body. There were his personal possessions, 3 bags of firewood, fire starter fluid, and documents nearby, as well. Later, farewell messages for his relatives and workfellows were found in the victim’s laptop. With that, it is not reported how exactly he committed suicide. 


Life reports - with reference to its source familiar with the investigation - that in April, the lieutenant attempted to commit suicide. His mobile signals determined that earlier, he had arrived at the place where his dead body was subsequently found.

It is also known that before the tragedy, the lieutenant got in a road accident. As a result, he lost much money and was reprimanded by his executives. He was pretty much concerned due to all these things.

His relatives refuse to talk to reporters. His neighbor Elena Gromova told at the funeral that Evgeny Potapovich had been the most kind-hearted person and loved his job - his father was an employee of the State Automobile Inspectorate, as well.



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