Employee of Kresty tells about arrest of historian Sokolov

Employee of Kresty tells about arrest of historian Sokolov
Oleg Sokolov

The former professor St. Petersburg State University allegedly imitates a state on the verge of collapse in order to arouse self-pity.

The former SPSU associate professor Oleg Sokolov, who is placed in the Kresty jail, imitated an attempt to commit suicide and mental disorder in order to arouse public self-pity, an an employee anonymously of the detention center told the Moskovsky Komsomolets

“Nobody bothers him in any way, he’s “golden.” A good cell, except for him there is only one prisoner,” the interlocutor assured.

According to the employee of the pre-trial detention center, Sokolov eats with an excellent appetite, receives deliveries almost every day, goes for a walk with the cellmate and does not intersect with the rest. Relatives of the murdered graduate student Anastasia Yeshenko allegedly tried to find criminal connections to arrange an attack on Sokolov, but the jail quickly stopped these attempts, the interlocutor of the MK says. 

“The professor is under special protection. Nobody can reach him,” the guard says.

The other inmates despise the historian, and even asked to transfer him to other cells, says the jail employee.

Oleg Sokolov is accused of killing his 24-year-old girlfriend, his former student, with whom they participated in historical reenactments and wrote scientific works. As the investigation established, Yeshenko died from four shots to the head from a sawn-off shotgun. Then the murderer sawed off her head and hands, which were found in Sokolov’s backpack. The historian tried to drown evidence in the Moika River.



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