Elevator dispatcher didn’t believe woman being killed by robber  

Elevator dispatcher didn’t believe woman being killed by robber
Detained Rovshan Shabanov

A capital resident, who became a victim of an ex-police officer from Azerbaijan, managed to press a button in the elevator to call the person on duty at the time of the attack.

51-year-old Muscovite Larisa Frosina, killed by a former police officer from Azerbaijan, at the time of the attack managed to press the button calling the dispatcher, but the dispatcher on the other end of the line did not believe the woman was being killed.

The audio recording, in which Frosina asks for help, has been published on the Internet. The dispatcher repeatedly asks what happened, ignoring the pleas and cries for help of the woman: “Help, please save me.”

The dispatcher responds: "You are being filmed, I will now call the police." The woman, apparently, turning to the robber says: "Take it, take it, take." Then only silent moans and subsiding "save me" can be heard.

After switching from another call, the dispatcher asks, “Mrs, l shall call the police, shall not I?”. But she disconnected without receiving an answer. The dispatcher never called the police, explaining that she was sure some children were merely kidding. In addition, in fact there was no camera filming what was happening in the elevator.

As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, it was 27-year-old Rovshan Shabanov that committed the brutal murder in the south-west of Moscow. He was detained several hours later by operatives during another attack. He said he came to Moscow to work here. He killed the 51-year-old woman in the elevator for money, but he only got two thousand rubles ($29.6).

Audio: Dispatcher ignores woman's cries for help and lets her die 



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