E.R. doctor beaten up for refusal to resuscitate decedent and threatened with murder

E.R. doctor beaten up for refusal to resuscitate decedent and threatened with murder

Son of the deceased attacked the paramedic.

The incident took place in a city of Seversk. E.R. doctors got a call and arrived at a place where a man had fallen down in the street, however the latter had already died. He was declared dead by the paramedics, and police were summoned.

Here came a drunk son of the decedent. He demanded the paramedics resuscitate his father. After a doctor tried to explain that it was impossible, the man started beating up him.

Aleksander Yablokov, a director of the emergency ambulance service of the interregional directorate of the FMBA of Russia, says the crew had to leave the scene, however, later, another call was made from the same location: a woman started feeling sick. Operator asked the crew to get back, as they were closer than others.

When the paramedics came back, there were police officers. But despite this, the drunk son of the deceased and another man attacked the paramedics again. They were both armed with a bat. The paramedics managed to close themselves in the car, but it did not stop the men - they started working frustration off on the car. As a result, the E.R. crew left, having not delivered medical support to the woman.

Yablokov emphasized that the policemen were inactive at that moment.

“They were looking the other way. I believe this impunity provoked further threats and attacks. The employees of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not carry out their duty,” Yablokov said.

He says the attacked doctor was not kept rested. The son of the deceased arrived at the hospital and stated that in case the paramedic reports with the police, he will kill him.

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