Deputy PM calls bonuses of former head of Russian Post lawful

Deputy PM calls bonuses of former head of Russian Post lawful
Dmitry Strashnov has finally resigned from the post of the head of Russian Post

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation commented on appointment of the new head and on Dmitry Strashnov's leaving.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich declared that awards and bonuses, which were paid to CEO of Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov were lawful. According to him, “the position of the ministry and of the Post Office was proved and everything was within the law”, Dvorkovich said.

Besides, the Deputy Prime Minister reported that with the new head of the company, Nikolay Poguzov, the contract would, most likely, be concluded for five years.

In November 2016 Dmitry Strashnov drew the attention of the Prosecutor General’s Office. It became clear that in the fall the head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications prepared an order on increase in the limit of salaries of top management of Russian Post, according to the document the salary of the CEO of Russian Post can reach 10 million rubles a month ($167 thousand). By results of 2014, Strashnov got an award of 95.4 million rubles ($1.5 million), instead of the allowed 3.2 million rubles ($53 thousand).

As representatives of the supervising department discovered, in 2014 during the conclusion of the contract with Dmitry Strashnov the maximum permissible size of remuneration was not determined. At the same time, the employment contract did not undergo coordination with the government in spite of the fact that observance of this requirement is provided for federal state unitary enterprises.

As a result, first Deputy Prosecutor General Aleksander Buksman transferred to the Investigative Committee of Russia materials about initiation of legal proceedings against the head of Russian Post for official power abuse, and also against two officials of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications under the article Negligence. However proceedings were not initiated, and the contract with Strashnov was prolonged till July 1, 2017.



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