Durov willling to donate millions of dollars to proxy servers and VPNs

Durov willling to donate millions of dollars to proxy servers and VPNs
Photo: Pavel Durov’s Instagram account

The founder of Telegram thanked Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft for choosing not to support the censorship.

The Telegram founder Pavel Durov began to pay bitcoin grants to proxy servers and VPNs, he said on Vkontakte. He is willing to donate "millions of dollars" from his personal funds for this purpose. Durov also called on everyone to help finance proxy servers and VPNs.

Durov explains his choice by saying that many independent proxy servers and VPNs shut down due to measures taken by the Russian authorities. "As the last 48 hours showed, in its ongoing war on progress, Russia's supervisory authorities are willing to block millions of IP addresses of cloud hosting without regard for losses of extraneous projects," says the Telegram founder.

Roskomnadzor began the procedure of Telegram blocking on Monday. In its chase after the messenger, the agency has already managed to block over 15.8 million IP-addresses, according to 2018.schors.spb.ru, a service monitoring IP bans. The media censor also began sending out notices about the upcoming bans to proxy servers that support Telegram, said the head of the Agora international group, Pavel Chikov, whose lawyers represent the messenger. According to him, Roskomnadzor names a few reasons for the ban, among which are "calls for mass riots and extremist activity."

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