Durov provided data for registration of Telegram in Russia

Durov provided data for registration of Telegram in Russia
Pavel Durov

The creator of the messenger noted that he does not intend to implement the "anti-constitutional and technically impossible law of Yarovaya."⁠

Founder of Telegram Pavel Durov announced that he does not object to the inclusion of the messenger in the register of information disseminators in Russia. He added that the registration data for this are open and duplicated it in the VKontakte post.

"However, we will not implement the unconstitutional and technically impossible Yarovaya law - as well as other laws incompatible with the protection of privacy and Telegram's privacy policy," Durov wrote.

He explained that it comes from the statement of Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, who previously said that the messenger was required only data for registration, and no other obligations.

"As part of the work with the Russian regulator, we can only promise the level of cooperation that we show in all other countries, namely, to continue working together to remove public materials related to the propaganda of terrorism, drugs, calls for violence and child pornography, and to continue work curbing the distribution of spam," Durov continued.

He also noted that if Telegram is blocked in Russia, it is not because the messenger refused to register.

According to the Russian law On Information, the registered information distributor has the following duties: to store the message logs for six months, to provide the secret services with keys to decipher the correspondence, and from 2018 - to keep all correspondence for half a year.

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