Durov is ready to unilaterally gronk Telegram in Russia

Durov is ready to unilaterally gronk Telegram in Russia
Pavel Durov

According to the founder of the popular messenger, such measures his company can take because of pressure from the Russian authorities.⁠

Pavel Durov said that he did not rule out the termination of Telegram's work on the territory of the Russian Federation and Iran. The founder and developer of the messenger noted that his company is ready to unilaterally terminate the work of Telegram in both countries because of pressure from the authorities of both Russia and Iran.

"We are not worried by the fact that in some countries we are under pressure because of the protection of users' privacy. We are always ready to break both personal and business ties with such countries, depriving them of the opportunity to exert such pressure on us," Pavel Durov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Recall, earlier Pavel Durov said that his company refused to provide the secret services with encryption keys, and a protocol was drawn up about the messenger's violation of the anti-terror Yarovaya law. According to him, the ruling, most likely, will entail a series of trials.

It should also be noted that Minister of Communications and Mass Media of Russia Nikolay Nikiforov expressed his claims to Telegram. According to the official, if the messenger's work will not be organized in accordance with the current Russian legislation, it will be blocked on the territory of the country.



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