Durov: FSB drew up protocol on Telegram's violation of anti-terror law

Durov: FSB drew up protocol on Telegram's violation of anti-terror law
Pavel Durov

Founder of the popular Telegram messenger Pavel Durov reported that the Federal Security Service of Russia had prepared a protocol on the company about an administrative violation for "failure to comply with the anti-terror law of Yarovaya."

"In Russia, Telegram has about 10 million users. Because of the failure to comply with the anti-terror law of Yarovaya, the FSB draws up administrative protocols on us, which, according to lawyers, inevitably lead to litigation," Durov wrote on his VKontakte page.

The founder of the social network and the messenger also attached copies of the notifications and protocols of the FSB, which the department sent to the Telegram management, to his publication.

A document of August 31 notifies Durov that a report on an administrative offense will be drawn up against his company. Also in the text of the letter, the FSB "proposes to send the legal representative of the company to the FSB reception office" to participate in drafting the protocol.

The second document of September 14 includes the notification "on sending a protocol on administrative violation" and attached to it a copy of the compiled protocol "upon failure to fulfill the obligation to provide information necessary for decoding received, transmitted, delivered and (or) processed electronic messages."

Earlier, the portal iz.ru reported that the Iranian Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case against Pavel Durov in connection with the popularity of the messenger among the ISIS militants (terrorist organization, banned in Russia), drug dealers and human traffickers. The founder of the messenger later commented that this accusation surprised him and suggested that there was another reason for charges brought.



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