Drunken teenagers beat pensioner  

Drunken teenagers beat pensioner
The teenagers beat her on the head and broke the arm

A senior woman asked them to behave more quietly, so as not to wake the children.

A group of young and drunken men beat the pensioner in the village of Smolenskaya, Krasnodar Territory. The incident, which occurred near the store, was reported by the daughter of the victim. The company attacked after the request of the elderly woman not to make noise.

The attack hit a surveillance camera. The frames show how four guys and one girl standing near the store. Several men from the company attacked the pensioner, after which they began to penetrate the courtyard of her private house, where the children slept. According to the victim’s daughter, the attackers were drunk.

The police and the ambulance were called. The victim was hospitalized with a concussion and a broken arm.

“The material on this incident is registered in the MIA in the Seversky District, an investigation is ongoing, after which the police will make a procedural decision,” the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory reports.



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