Drunken police officers have accident near Ulan-Ude 

Drunken police officers have accident near Ulan-Ude

An eyewitness got the car's plate numbers on the video; the MIA launched an official probe.

In Buryatia, on the Spirtzavodskaya Highway in the suburbs of Ulan-Ude, a Toyota with two men in police uniform slid into a road ditch. One of them barely got out of the car and, judging by his behavior, was drunk. The MIA launched a service probe over the incident. The Traffic Police officers did not attend the scene, Arig Us online reports.

“If facts of unacceptable actions committed by police officers are confirmed, they will be dismissed from the bodies for negative reasons, and their direct seniors will be brought to disciplinary responsibility,” the department said.

According to an eyewitness who videotaped the accident, both the driver and the passenger were drunk.



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