Drunken oligarсh Deputy threatened traffic police in Tobolsk

Drunken oligarсh Deputy threatened traffic police in Tobolsk
Vladimir Filatov

Despite drawing up of three administrative protocols in respect of the local tycoon and head of the city branch of Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) Vladimir Filatov, there may be attempts to cover up the case.

December 17, Tobolsk Deputy Vladimir Filatov was arrested in a drunken state by traffic police. According to law enforcers during the arrest Filatov shoved his Deputy's card in traffic police inspectors' face and threatened them.

As reported by URA.Ru, the Deputy of the Tobolsk City Duma and member of the Edinaya Rossiya was driving while intoxicated when he was stopped by highway patrol. The driving of Nissan Patrol was unsteady, which draw the attention of the traffic police. However, he refused to have the content of alcohol in his blood checked. As a result, three administrative protocols were drawn up against him, including for refusing to undergo medical examination and for the absence of a driver's license and insurance.

NG72 notes that despite all of this, the case may be covered up. A news agency source in the City Duma noted that the offender is not only a Deputy, Head of the Duma committee on livelihood and city economy of Tobolsk, and one of the leaders of the Edinaya Rossiya’s local branch, but also a local oligarch. There the source expresses his confidence that the case will not be processed. The traffic police refused to comment on the incident, and the City Duma promised to officially respond to the information the following week.

Let us recall that two days ago deputy of the Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly Armen Karapetyan was stopped in Yekaterinburg when driving his Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen; he was also drunk and refused to undergo medical examination.



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