Drunken Lieutenant shoots fellow Rosgvardiya officers reacting to news that he was to be fired

Drunken Lieutenant shoots fellow Rosgvardiya officers reacting to news that he was to be fired
Lieutenant Gadzhiev

Details of the shooting in one of the military units of Chechnya have been uncovered.

The National Guard officer shot four of his colleagues in one of the military units located in the Chechen village of Shelkovskaya, having learned of a decision to dismiss him from service. The decision was provoked by various violations the serviceman had committed, according to Kommersant.

The emergency occurred at about 4PM in one of the detachments of the Zhukov Order separate brigade No 46 of Rosgvardiya operational assignment. Senior Lieutenant Gadzhiev, a native of Dagestan, having had a few drinks, decided to take revenge on the officer who had petitioned for his dismissal for misconduct. He took a submachine gun from the gunroom and went straight to his enemy. The platoon commander tried to convince Gadzhiev to turn in the weapon, but the officer simply shot him. Then he brought down fire on his fellow soldiers who had rushed over hearing the noise. When the fighter saw a group of Rosgvardiya Special Forces, he tried to hide, firing back while running. Eventually, Gadzhiev was liquidated by the duty unit.

According to another version, the shooter was killed when running with the weapon across the parade ground towards the headquarters that was preparing for the offensive. The company commander, the company officer on duty, and three other servicemen in the barracks room all fell victims to the murderer.

The Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal investigation into the incident. A special commission has been sent to the unit from Rosgvardiya central office to establish the causes of what happened.



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