Drunk investigator from Yaroslavl caused road accident in city center 

Drunk investigator from Yaroslavl caused road accident in city center

With regard to the ICR employee the service check is conducted to solve the issue of job relevance.

The investigator from Yaroslavl is checked after the accident near the Gigant shopping center. According to the regional department of the ICR, the accident happened on the night of December 17 at the intersection of Lenin and the Oktyabrya Avenues. Behind the wheel there was a senior investigator from the Investigation Division being off duty. Chevrolet Aveo having got on a green light and entering the intersection crashed into the separation fence, pulled down the fence, traffic lights and road signs. A few minutes later, on the scene of an accident the traffic police car and an ambulance arrived. None of the passers-by was injured. Member of the accident suffered minor injuries and refused hospitalization.

With regard to the employee the service check is carried out to decide on the job relevance. The employee's name is not called.

According to the edition Pro Gorod citing a source in law enforcement bodies, at the time of the accident the driver was drunk.

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