Moscow drugdealer murdered by own daughters had show business friends, mafia ties

Moscow drugdealer murdered by own daughters had show business friends, mafia ties
The man loved to pose for a camera with a gun

This can be concluded judging by the man’s photos on social networks.

Mikhail, 57, who was murdered in his own Moscow apartment, actively shared his life on social networks by publishing numerous photographs. It is to be recalled from that according to people close to his family, the father of three daughters victimized his children, starved them, beat and even raped them.

On the social networks, however, one sees a completely different man: he is photographed with stars of show business, Russian elite and other high-ranking people. And, judging by the expression of people's faces on the photos, they actually know this person well and not just agreed to pose with a fan.

Mikhail’s profiles on the social networks are full of photos from churches, meetings with members of the Armenian diaspora in Moscow and other pictures that depict the image of an open person who enjoys his life.

Also, there are many pictures of holding a variety of weapons. On the Victory Day celebration, May 9 of this year, on the Tverskaya Street in Moscow, Mikhail, wearing one of the Victory symbols on his head, shows off his gun posing in front of the camera.

It is to be recalled that the body of the murdered Mikhail was found in an apartment in one of the houses on the Altufevskoe Highway. The man’s three daughters, 17, 18 and 19, are the main suspects in the crime. They assure that their father came home that day in intoxicated and attacked them with a knife. He wounded the youngest sister but she managed to snatch the knife from her father's hands, after which the girl hit the father with the knife.

According to the latest information provided by the Telegram-channel Mash, one of the three sisters is released. Her criminal case will be terminated. The investigators found no evidence that Masha, 17, participated in the murder. The rest is supposed to be decided in the next 72 hours – before the extended detention is over.



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