Drug addict patient was tortured to death in Tyumen rehabilitation center

Drug addict patient was tortured to death in Tyumen rehabilitation center

The rehabilitation center Siberia for drug addicts, in Chaplyk village in the Tyumen Region, has found itself at the center of a criminal scandal.

For several days, a staff member of the center and two of his colleagues tormented a drug addict patient who tried to leave the medical facility illegally. They rolled him in a carpet and locked him in the cellar under the center building. As a result, the man died.

Locals raised the alarm and based on their testimony criminal proceedings were initiated. As reported by the Investigative Committee, three suspects were arrested and an investigation initiated. The participants in the incident face charges of unlawful deprivation of liberty and torment leading to the death.

Preliminary conclusions were as follows. A patient came to the rehabilitation center on June 3 to cure drug addiction. But in the evening he changed his mind and asked to go home. Siberia center employees rejected his request.

The patient tried to leave the medical institution illegally. A staff member and two aides locked him in the cellar. The next day, it turned out that he was trying all night to dig a tunnel. Thereafter, the employees wrapped his hands with duct tape, rolled him into a carpet, and threw him back into the cellar.

On June 5, at a patient's request, he was freed from his bonds and released from the cellar, but he again made an attempt to escape from the center. This time, he was again rolled up into a carpet and thrown into the cellar.  It was his last confinement. He got sick and the emergency workers called to the scene were unable to save him. They confirmed his death.



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