Drone spying on FSB clinic patients in Moscow

Drone spying on FSB clinic patients in Moscow

A joint investigation of the police and the Federal Security Service is currently underway in respect of the detection and subsequent capture of a radio-controlled drone in the sky above the Russian FSB clinic in Varsonofyevsky Lane.

Last week, security staffs of the Russian FSB clinic detected a drone in the sky over the medical institution's territory in the center of Moscow.

According to Life, the radio-controlled quadrocopter was flying over the clinic for almost a week until it flew into the building, where it was caught by security guards.

It is reported that the drone's visit alarmed the administration of the departmental clinic. After it was caught, police was called to the scene. The news agency notes that MIA has confirmed the incident.

The police intends to identify the suspects (it is known that two persons are responsible for drone launch) using the fingerprints left on the quadrocopter.⁠



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