Drank, humiliated, hated: eyewitnesses tell details of Nizhny Novgorod massacre 

Drank, humiliated, hated: eyewitnesses tell details of Nizhny Novgorod massacre
Alexey with his daughter.

The head of the family attacked his three-year-old daughter, wife and her parents.

Resident of Nizhny Novgorod Alexey, 39, who killed his wife's parents and wounded his daughter, was previously convicted for the murder of a female partner and a crime against property, the regional publication ProCity reported, referring to the family’s friends.

“After the incident, we learned that Alexey had previously been convicted of crimes against the person and property. He was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend – he wringed her neck,” the publication quotes certain Anna as saying.


Alexey. Photo: page on a social network.

Some friends told that Alexey was a calm person and skilled welder, to others he seemed strange and introverted. Local residents interviewed by REN-TV stated that the man constantly drank, humiliated and hated his wife Svetlana and her parents.

According to the neighbors of the family, on the day of the tragedy, January 12, the couple once again quarreled, and Svetlana announced her intention to file for divorce. Enraged, Alexey grabbed a knife and attacked his family members. Svetlana's father tried to protect the others, but Alexey stabbed him in the stomach and between the ribs, in the lung, after which finished him off with two kicks in the head.

The girl, wounded in the leg, managed to escape. Her mother and grandmother tried to hide at the neighbors, but only Svetlana managed to. Alexey caught up with her 49-year-old mother in front of the neighboring yard and stabbed several times in the neck. The woman died before the arrival of the ambulance.


Svetlana and Alexey. Photo: page on a social network.

Neighbors called the police and helped to detain the offender. They were looking for a girl for a long time, until they found her in a bath. According to eyewitnesses, the child has damaged tendons on the leg. The girl and Svetlana's father were taken to the hospital. The man fell into a coma and died on January 16. The day before, his wife was buried.

Alexey did not resist the police during the arrest, and then pleaded guilty. According to the ICR’s Investigative Directorate in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the killer faces up to 15 years in prison. The family members knew about his previous convictions, but they hoped that he had changed.



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