Domodedovo terrorist attack victims start withdrawing lawsuits against airport administration

Domodedovo terrorist attack victims start withdrawing lawsuits against airport administration
Dmitry Kamenschik

The victims’ lawyer has confirmed the receipt of the first payments from the welfare fund and is currently preparing a request to the Investigative Committee for the withdrawal of claims.

The first 14 victims of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo in 2011 are preparing the requests for withdrawal of claims to the leadership of the airport.

"Fourteen victims have received compensation from the airport’s assistance fund, so tomorrow we are going to the Russian Investigation Committee to write statements about the withdrawal of claims for compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages," - the lawyer Igor Trunov said.

Earlier this week, the Aviatsionny charity fund began to transfer money to the victims. However, their quantum remains a trade secret and is not disclosed by the airport management. According to Vedomosti, the total payout will be about 150 million rubles. It is worth noting that earlier the head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin mentioned up to $ 1 billion as the expected amount of compensation.

Airport representatives emphasize that these payments are not a form of compensation, but only charitable giving. Also, there are no documented agreements of the withdrawal of claims in exchange for the payments.

Victims should personally contact the fund, which began its work on May 25, 2016. During this time period, about 50 people asked for compensation via hotline. The amount of compensation has been discussed with each victim individually.

As a reminder, all of this still does not dismiss the charges brought against the management by the Investigative Committee. The relevant criminal case was opened under para. 3 of the art. 238 of the Russian Criminal Code (providing services that do not meet safety requirements, resulting in death of two or more persons). The investigators claimed that the airport authorities did not carry out a detailed inspection of all visitors to the terminal building, and this allowed a suicide bomber to sneak inside. He brought an explosive device with him and activated it. As a result, 37 people were killed, 172 injured.

The Domodedovo administration agreed to pay out compensation, but refused to plead guilty for the terrorist attack. Prosecutor General's Office also argued with the position of the Investigative Committee, and repeatedly demanded to stop the prosecution. However, the Investigative Committee ignored the requests of the Prosecutor’s Office. And at the same time, the investigators started preparing documents for the arrest of 267 objects of the airport property to ensure payment to the victims. It was after the issue started to resemble an illegal takeover more and more, that the Domodedovo owner Dmitry Kamenschik agreed to an honorable understanding, and soon established the charity fund.



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