Domashnie Den'gi collectors accused of property damage

Domashnie Den'gi collectors accused of property damage
Collectors have immured tenants in their own apartments

Employees of the microfinance organization poured foam in the doorway of debtors.⁠

After the incident on Nevsky Prospekt of St. Petersburg, two employees of the microfinance organization Domashnye Den'gi (Home money) were detained. They are suspected of property damage. This is reported by the Fontanka edition with reference to the district branch of the ICR.

The detainees are the former and current members of the security service of Domashniy Den'gi. According to investigators, on March 25, one of the collectors poured all the entrance doors into the apartments at 24, Olminsky Street with the mounting foam, after which they pinned a declaration of 100.000 rubles ($1750) debt to a certain Viktoria on the wall. The damage from their activities amounted to about 8 thousand rubles ($140). His former colleague is suspected of similar actions in a house on Budapeshtskaya Street in February this year.

Now, with regard to detainees a measure of restraint is chosen.

As noted by the press service of the ICR, the activity of Domashnie Den'gi will be assessed for compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Stories with property damage were publicized after the Fontanka correspondent contacted a representative of the collectors by phone on the leaflet. The respondent introduced himself as an employee of the Terek agency, registered in Grozny. After this call, law enforcement officers conducted a search in the office of Domashnie Den'gi.

Damaging the doors to the apartment is not the greatest damage that collectors have done to their debtors. The CrimeRussia presents the most egregious cases of collector's lawlessness.



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