Doctors refuse to hospitalize patient with Quincke's edema at shift end 

Doctors refuse to hospitalize patient with Quincke's edema at shift end

The dispute with the doctors was filmed on video.

In the Tyumen hospital, doctors refused to hospitalize a patient who had a severe allergic reaction with pulmonary edema.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at Vodnikov Hospital. The boyfriend of the girl in need of urgent hospitalization told about the incident.

“She had some strange allergic reaction. We quickly called an ambulance. The doctor gave an injection to my girlfriend and said that she urgently needed to be taken to a hospital because of a pulmonary edema. I took my girlfriend to Vodnikov hospital. But they refused to admit her there, I had to urgently go to the hospital on Kotovsky,” the young man said, reports.

One of the witnesses of the conversation between the nurse and the visitor of the clinic filmed the conflict on video.

"Who will put an I.V. in her?" the nurse said.

"What can I do? It's your work..." the man answered.

"It's Quincke's edema... You should've thought twice before bringing her."

"She's in need of therapy. You are still on duty today!" the man insisted

"So what that we are on duty? Our shift ends in five minutes. You bring a patient with such a diagnosis. We will have to monitor her. Plus you're getting all sassy with us!"

"I'm not getting sassy. I'm just saying..."

"Saying what? You teach us how to work. Only five minutes of our work shift is left. We need to put an I.V. in her and monitor her for at least two hours."

The health department promised to investigate what happened and punish those responsible.

“The case is unprecedented, unacceptable. The Vodnikov Hospital is federally subordinated, however, as part of the compulsory medical insurance, it provides medical assistance to residents of Tyumen and the Tyumen region. Previously, such gross violations in the activities of this medical institution were not noted. In order to prevent such situations in the future, the case will be examined in detail, and strict penalties will be applied to medical workers,” the department said.

The condition of the girl, who was not admitted to the hospital, is now assessed as satisfactory; the patient is referred to outpatient treatment at the place of residence.



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