Doctors prohibited visiting Memorial human rights defender

Doctors prohibited visiting Memorial human rights defender
Oyub Titiev

The human rights defender cannot eat solid food out of severe pain.

The lawyer of arrested on suspicion of drug possession head of the Grozny branch of the Memorial human rights center Oyub Titiev said that doctors could not visit him, despite the fact that he has suffered from severe dental pain for many days.

Titiev is in the detention facility and will spend the next 10 days there while investigative actions are ongoing.

"At the same time, the investigator told me that investigative actions are planned only for the next Friday. It is very strange," attorney Pyotr Zaikin said.

Titiev has a difficult situation with his teeth. He does not have 10 teeth, and 2 more teeth are drained. On the day of his arrest, the head of Memorial was going to see a dentist for prosthetics. Without prosthetic denture, Titiev is not able to eat solid food and "has to to eat child's food", as he suffers dental pain.

The detention center does not have its own medical officer, but the lawyer has already asked the investigator about medical care, and he promised to help, but he has not done anything yet. Colleagues of human rights activists regard this as a way of psychological pressure.

Recall, head of the Grozny department of the Memorial human rights center Oyub Titiev was detained on January 9 in Chechnya. In his car a package of marijuana was found and he was charged with possession of drugs on an especially large scale.

Titiev claims that the drugs were planted, and the police did not even manage to do it on the first try and had to ‘play’ the second detention. The chairman of the Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, admitted that drugs could indeed be planted, and there is even a reason for initiating a criminal case on this matter. The European Commissioner and the US State Department demand the release of Titiev.



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