Dismembered corpse of entrepreneur found in Omsk 

Dismembered corpse of entrepreneur found in Omsk
Still from detention’s video

The alleged killer was detained.⁠

In Omsk, fragments of an entrepreneur's body, who was considered missing since October 13, 2017, were found. The Investigative Committee in the Omsk region has already detained a suspect, it turned out to be a 44-year-old forwarder, with whom a 30-year-old businesswoman was familiar. According to other information, they were in close relations.

The investigation established that the entrepreneur went out to the man living at 11th Rabochaya Street, and disappeared. Following the trail of the suspect and having examined the yard of the forwarder, the investigators found a freshly exposed pit in the courtyard of the man's house. The owner tried to assure the police that he had prepared the pit for the future toilet, however it was a lie. In the pit, the dismembered body of the deceased entrepreneur was found.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region added that the woman's body was wrapped in a sheet and there was a smell of gasoline. Forensic experts found traces of blood in one of the rooms of the forwarder's house.

The investigation suggests that during the conflict with the freight forwarder, the deceased insulted the man, so he hacked her to death with an ax, dismembered and buried the body in his yard.

"According to the investigation, the suspect, allegedly because of the insult on the part of the woman, hacked the victim with the ax, then dismembered and hid the body," the Investigative Committee noted.

The freight forwarder was detained, he was charged under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder). He faces up from six to fifteen years. Prior to this, the man was repeatedly tried.

Video: the detention of a suspect charged with murder



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