Discovered in east of Moscow largest weapons cache belongs to gang

Discovered in east of Moscow largest weapons cache belongs to gang
Arms cache Photo: Archive photo

According to some sources, the arms cache has been stored in the garage for seven years. Every year the owner of the garage received 100 thousand rubles ($1680) for rent.⁠

Found in the east of Moscow largest cache in one of the garage boxes could belong to the organized crime group (OCG). Law enforcement officers made this conclusion.

Security officials found the storehouse with ammunition for operational guidance on August 14 in the garage complex in the 2nd Irtyshsky passage. In the garage, a record number of weapons and ammunition was stored: Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, an Israeli manufacturer's automatic rifle, Shpagin's submachine gun, improvised explosive devices, plastic, detonators, smoke bombs. The owner of the weapons arsenal has not ‘called on’ his property for a long time, as evidenced by a thick layer of dust.

The owner of the garage, as law enforcers have found out, is previously convicted for hooliganism 39-year-old Muscovite Sergey, who is currently working as a driver. During the interrogation, Sergey said that he is the owner of the box only nominally - in 2010 he was asked to register it on his own by his friends, MK said. In turn, this friend told the investigators that he rents a garage to a certain citizen for more than 7 years for 100.000 rubles a year. The man receives money for rent from the tenant personally, their meetings are held in Sokolniki, Moscow district. The garage itself, neither the actual nor nominal owners ‘called on’ for years. The veracity of Sergey's words and his friend was confirmed by the polygraph. Nevertheless, the men were detained for 48 hours before clarification all the circumstances.

After the testimonies received, the FSB officers intend to visit several addresses and finally get to the real owner of the largest weapon cache. According to the main version of the siloviki, the cache belongs to one of the gangs.

MK also notes that the special services were extremely dissatisfied with the fact that information about the detected arsenal leaked to the press. The officers intend to find out who gathered write. To find the chatterbox FSB officers will check the investigator, operatives and staff of the patrol and inspection service on the polygraph.



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