Disappointing selfie provoked shootout in Moscow City

Disappointing selfie provoked shootout in Moscow City
The work of law enforcement officers at the shooting site at the entrance to the Oko tower Photo: Maxim Grigoryev / TASS

Two girls, whom the car barred from taking a selfie, asked Rosgvardiya officers to repark Mercedes Maybach from the carpet near the Oko tower.

The massacre in the center of Moscow, at the jubilee of leader of Izmaylovskaya gang Dmitry Pavlov, known in criminal circles as Pavlik and Tolstyak, began due to the disappointment of two ladies, guests of the event, who could not make selfie against the background of the entrance to the Oko tower of Moscow City complex - Mercedes Maybach barred them form taking photo, the Telegram-channel Mash wrote.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, a premium car, according to some information, belongs to billionaire and criminal authority Gavriil Yushaev, who came to congratulate the birthday person. The businessman, accompanied by guards, came to the fourth floor of the skyscraper, where in the banquet hall of the Crystall Ball Room there was a celebration. At this time downstairs, two girls, presumably guests of the event, wanted to make a selfie on the red carpet laid out specifically for the birthday of Pavlik, there was Maybach, and ladies turned to the soldiers of Rosgvardiya (they guarded leader of Izmailovskya OCG). Girls asked to repark it.

The Rosgvardiya officers turned to the Maybach driver with the appropriate request, but he did not like it. A verbal skirmish began, and the first shot, according to the channel, sounded after the careless phrase of one of the officers, "We have the right to use weapons."

Then the shootout began. As a result, six people were injured and six were detained.



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