Disappearance of Russian champion tied to husband from OMON

Disappearance of Russian champion tied to husband from OMON
Elena Rukhlyada

The professional athlete’s former husband is under suspicion.

World-class master of sport in mountain climbing from Novosibirsk - 33-year-old Elena Rukhlyada - has gone missing. The professional athlete’s friends tie her disappearance to her husband, an employee of Russia’s OMON (Special Purpose Mobile Unit) who had repeatedly beaten her.

Friend of the missing, Vera Kolechkina, told Sib.fm that Elena Rukhlyada had divorced her husband Yaroslav Frolov more than a year before, as he had been “stoned out of his mind” and beaten her even during her pregnancy. After the divorce, the man threatened her via messages. Kolechkina assumes he abducted her and took to an island. By the way, the professional athlete’s vehicle was found on the bank of the Ob River, across from Medvezhy Island.

Police are preparing an APB.

Elena Rukhlyada is a silver medallist of the 2011 world championship in mountain running, as well as a champion of Russia in the 2017 sky-running marathon.



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