Espionage case: Federal Security Guard Service head used Mikhalchenko’s wiretap? 

Espionage case: Federal Security Guard Service head used Mikhalchenko’s wiretap?
Oligarch Dmitry Mikhalchenko may get stuck in detention centers and prisons forever

Disgraced oligarch, ‘governor 24’ may face one more difficult accusation. This time under such rare article as ‘Espionage’. Earlier in Uniform center of documents – the largest child of Dmitry Mikhalchenko, – employees of the Federal Security Service found the whole arsenal of the professional wiretap devices in offices whose owners possess the admission to a state secret. Such step of security officers can only mean one thing - the businessman may get stuck in insulators and prisons forever, repeating the destiny of ‘night governor’ of St. Petersburg Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin.

From 10 to 20

Sanctions under article 276 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are very severe - from 10 to 20 years of imprisonment for transfer, collecting, stealing or storage for transfer of the data which are considered the state secret or any other data for use against safety of the Russian Federation. It is quite doubtfully that confirmation of espionage in favor of any foreign state will be found, because it is practically clear to all participants of this story that no foreign embassies or any other countries in general interested Dmitry Mikhalchenko's helpers during the collection of information. It is, most likely, an arsenal for pressure, blackmail, and others nastier manipulations for tax specialists, officials and large businessmen. It is known that the equipment was found at the management of the Federal Registration Service, tax specialists and Federal Migration Service. Also in  building on Krasnogo Tekstilshchika Street office of Sberbank is located. The security service of Forum holding collected compromising evidence. Now employees of this service and also IT specialists are giving testimonies in offices of the Federal Security Services.   

Единый центр документов

Uniform center of documents

Attempt at a state secret, it is expressing allegorically — the immured exit. If it was still possible to make away with charge of smuggling and swindle with the help of a row of large lawyers, and even with a possibility of lowering of period of punishment, then charge of espionage is a full-fledged vacuum both for Mikhalchenko, and for his lawyers. According to the law, the defenders representing his interests will be obliged to give a subscription about nondisclosure. Thus, a completely closed space appears around the ‘governor 24’, information from which will not leak out into mass media any more. It gives a full-fledged field for any maneuvers of the security officers. It should be emphasized – any. And no releases on the security, or on medical indications in this history will exist any more. Because gravity of such charge just does not provide them.


It is known that the Moscow City Court prolonged arrest of the CEO of Forum holding Dmitry Mikhalchenko until the end of June. According to the investigators, Mikhalchenko organized smuggling of expensive wines and other elite drinks in 2015. Through intermediaries the businessman bought production in shops of the European Union and transported through Hamburg to Russia in containers under the guise of sealant. Also the court prolonged, period of contents in the pre-trial detention center to other defendant in the case — Mikhalchenko's deputy Boris Korevsky. Also period of house arresting to the deputy director of Kontreyl Logistik Northwest Anatoly Kindzersky was increased.

In March lawyers of defendants suspected that the Investigative Committee prepared some other charges for their clients. What did happened eventually. Boris Korevsky was charged under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Swindle), and the co-owner of the Kontreyl Logistik Northwest company Anatoly Kindzersky was accused of attempt at bribery (Art. 30 and 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). There were also rumors about new charge for Dmitry Mikhalchenko. Only nobody suspected that it will be under so unusual and large article of the criminal code. Meanwhile, familiar people explain this unusual situation with the fact that rested ‘Dima Krikun’ (Dima Shouter), is not going to leave the port of Bronka. There were rumors earlier about fast release of the businessman, in case of signing of documents for the port of Bronka by him to the ‘right’ people. But Mikhalchenko remained in the pre-trial detention center, and the port of Bronka — on the place. The last also began to ‘gain steam’.

Shah and Teus

As we have mentioned, the port of Bronka was not just ambitious project on transfer of loads. Bronka is the ‘wreath’ of the business empire of Dmitry Mikhalchenko. There were already railway tracks stretched and grandiose plans for construction of Centre of electronic declaring which from a favoring of former principal of Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov shall become actually a control lever most the stevedoring companies of St. Petersburg were cherished. However, as we know, these plans were not fated to come true. Andrey Belyaninov lost the post, and Dmitry Mikhalchenko — his freedom. There was information that this situation was the result of active actions of influential dockers, such as the owner of the KTSP container terminal and JSC Seaport of St. Petersburg Vladimir Lisin and co-owners of Global Ports Vitaly Yuzhilin and Andrey Kobzar. The range of the port of Bronka meant global repartition of spheres of influence in this business.

Николай Негодов

Co-owner of Forum holding Nikolay Negodov

Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that the owner of Bronka pines in the pre-trial detention center for dockers today the situation did not improve, but worsened. According to the CrimeRussia, the second co-owner of Forum holding — former deputy chief of Administration of the Federal Security Service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region general Nikolai Negodov in the best traditions of intelligence agencies does not hand over the taken positions, and “will competently be regrouped”. Thus, in the conditions of continuous losses for port terminals, in September, 2016 Bronka obtains the license for ‘tasty’ transportation of dangerous and especially dangerous loads, both sea, and by rail. And even the railway station for such activities.

Besides, in December, 2016 a project development on use of a branch line of Petrodvorets district of Ligovo-Oraniyebaum-Bronka of the operator of seaport Bronka, the Phoenix company, was approved. This important issue was discussed at a meeting of coordination council of transport system of the city and the Leningrad Region where Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov participated. According to the made decision, the Phoenix company will start project development for the pass of freight traffic from the port of Bronka at the beginning of 2017, and then will be engaged in reconstruction of railway ways.


After reconstruction, on predesigns, load of a branch line can make 30 – 40 million tons of loads a year. These are about 80 - 90 freight trains a day.

Besides, the Forum holding managed to bypass all large stevedoring companies of St. Petersburg, catching the delicious contract with the ferry Finnish company Finnlines. It should be noted that managers of the disgraced oligarch took away the favorable contract directly from under a nose at JSC Seaport of St. Petersburg — Vladimir Lisin's child. Seaport serviced Finnlines ferries even since 2009. Now the Finnish partner will concentrate the operations in the port of Bronka. As it was clarified, Finns were attracted by the dumping prices declared by Bronka. The vigorous command of Dmitry Mikhalchenko already predicts double increase in transfer of loads following the results of 2017.


Following the results of 2016 goods turnover of JSC Seaport St. Petersburg in comparison with 2015 was reduced by 8% and made 7,3 million tons. At the port of Bronka today there are other digits. In a year of the activities the port exceeded even its own calculations for transfer of loads. Thus it was planned about 32-33 thousand teus, however the port quitted on 36,5 thousand teus.

It should be noted that the story with withdrawal of the contract with the Finnish company anticipated new criminal prosecution of Dmitry Mikhalchenko. Messages on the new contract bypassed messages on detection of espionage arsenals at Uniform center of documents for only several days. Whether it was the next planned act of port war, it is difficult to tell. But if to return to sources of the story, than Dmitry Mikhalchenko got in troubles after loud statements of (already former) head of FTS Andrey Belyaninov, just concerning construction of TsED in port, and the subsequent promise of owners of large port business ‘to take measures’.

Евгений Муров

Former head of the Federal Security Guard Service Evgeny Murov

Talking about the espionage arsenal, as media wrote “professionally built in wall during the construction of the complex”, that their existence and equipment suggests quite clear idea. Only lazy did not write about connection between the ‘governor 24’ and the security agencies. As we already mentioned, Dmitry Mikhalchenko literally cadged approval on the project of Uniform Centre from now former head of the Federal Security Guard Service Evgeny Murov. Nevertheless, it would be strange to think that protection of such powerful figure would be anything less. For example - information. The queen on a chessboard shall always be aware of everything. To lard walls with overhearing and spying equipment for specialists of similar department — is a piece of a cake. And hardly security officers from FSB did not catch in air rumors about it or were surprised with the ‘stuffing of walls’ at Uniform center of documents. While the bailed Dmitry Mikhalchenko's command was obviously not ready to such ‘espionage’ turn of events. Analysts, close to port business, mutter that the fight for the port of Bronka has only began. What will be the following course of Forum holding it will become clear in the nearest future.



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