Detsl’s father made statement

Detsl’s father made statement
Kirill Tolmatsky (Detsl)

Producer Alexander Tolmatsky once again asked his son for forgiveness.

The father of the deceased rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Detsl), producer Alexander Tolmatsky wrote a new post in his Instagram, in which he thanked all the people who supported him and once again apologized to his son.

“Thanks to everyone who was with me these days, everyone who remembered Kirill with a good word, everyone who came to say goodbye to him,” the producer penned.

He also added words of gratitude to his first wife Irina for giving him a “wonderful son,” thanked his grandson Tony, second wife Anna, and their common children “for the fact that they are.”

"Goodbye, son ... forgive for not having talked ..." - ended Tolmatsky.

As written by The CrimeRussia, Kirill Tolmatsky died on February 3 in Izhevsk after a concert. The musician suddenly felt sick, the doctors that responded to the call could not save him. There was information in the media that the ambulance team formally fulfilled their duties, literally leaving Detsl to die.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death was cardiac arrest, however, what caused it was not reported. The doctors will name the exact cause of death after the results of a forensic medical examination. The rapper's father said that the examination would be ready by late February.



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