Detention of drunk taxi driver in Moscow region hits video 

Detention of drunk taxi driver in Moscow region hits video

A driver who rammed into several cars was detained by eyewitnesses.

In Naro-Fominsk, a taxi driver damaged several cars, crashed into a fence, and was detained by local residents and police.

A video of the detention of a driver barely standing on his feet appeared on social networks. On the frames of the video the taxi driver from the scene of an accident is being taken away by traffic police officers. 

According to Igor Ch., Who helped the police detain the taxi driver, an inadequate driver was first noticed on Moskovskaya Street. The car "wagged" along the road, and then crashed into the curb.

“It was immediately clear that at the wheel there is a person is in an inadequate condition. If a person, for example, became sick, he would have acted differently. I called 112 and followed the taxi. And the car had already left on General Efremov Street, there hit the Ford Focus and turned into a dead end. I stopped, ran up, opened the door and tried to pull the driver out. But I was not able to do this,” said a local resident, reports Podmoskov'ye Segodnya. 

After that, the taxi driver turned onto Volodarsky Street and hit the Volvo, then drove through two streets into the yards, where he nearly knocked down a woman with a carriage, which a young man managed to pull out from under the wheels. Then the offender appeared on Poluboyarova Street, where he flew into the fence and was detained.

“The man closed himself in the car from us, sat with crazy eyes while we got him out of there. And then we kept him until the traffic police officers, the police and the ambulance arrived,” said Igor. According to him, the taxi driver did not even have documents for the car.

“There are no casualties as a result of the incident. The driver was taken to the department for further proceedings. A case was brought against him on an administrative offense under Article 12.24, Part 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses “Violation of the Rules of the road or the rules of operation of a vehicle that resulted in minor or moderate damage to the health of the victim,” the press service of the Main MIA Directorate for the Moscow region said.

Video: Residents of Naro-Fominsk spent an hour chasing a taxi driver who made several accidents



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