Detainee beating by police officers in North Ossetia hits video 

Detainee beating by police officers in North Ossetia hits video
Photo: Still from the video

A service check has been initiated.

In the Arkhonskaya stanitsa, North Ossetia, MIA officers beat a drunk driver when detaining him. Footage of the incident has appeared on social networks. The Ministry is carrying out a check. 

Preliminary information indicates that on the evening of July 20, the police tried to stop a car, which was driving at high speed, but the driver ignored this requirement. Then the law enforcers began to follow him. 

Soon after that, the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a curb. A traffic inspector approached the car and asked the driver to show his ID. In response, the man and his comrades, who were clearly drunk, began to insult the law enforcement officer using obscene language. The company even tried to take possession of the police officers’ weapons. 

“Law enforcers were forced to shoot in the air and use physical force against the offenders,” the press service of the North Ossetian MIA reported. 

Protocols of an administrative offense have been drawn up against the violator. A service check has been scheduled, which should clarify whether the police actions in this situation were lawful.

Video: MIA checking into incident in the Arkhonskaya stanitsa



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