Detained Dagestani shooter wanted to “support festive atmosphere in Moscow” 

Detained Dagestani shooter wanted to “support festive atmosphere in Moscow”

Law enforcement officers have established which gun the detained Dagestan native used for shooting in the north-east of Moscow. The video showing the hooligan prank was earlier posted on Instagram by a user nicknamed umar_umarov111.

It is reported that the Makhachkala native made at least four shots into the air from a Kalashnikov rifle.

Earlier, during an interrogation held by law enforces (which was also videotaped), the detainee said that the automatic rifle was not a real gun but a toy. He also said that he did not intend to frighten passersby, merely wanting "to support the festive atmosphere in the city."

"It was a toy; I’m no criminal to carry an actual gun during the New Year’s eve, when there are fireworks and blasts everywhere. Petards and Christmas crackers could be heard all around, so I shot in the air with a toy gun. All it does is make a noise; I couldn’t imagine I would be detained for such a trifle. Now I realize it was a bad thing to do, but I’m no criminal; I’m just a regular person. I wanted to encourage the celebration, but it didn’t work well," the detainee said.

According to Life, apart from Umar N., MIA officers also detained his 23-year-old friend, Islam M. It is reported he had previously been convicted for robbery.

The press service of the General Administration of the MIA in Moscow also reports that a criminal case under Hooliganism has been initiated against the suspect; investigative actions have been carried out in the hostel, where the suspect, who had arrived in Moscow looking for a job, resided.

Let us recall that a video was earlier posted on Instagram, showing three young people shooting in the air by a black SUV, scaring random passersby.

Video: Dagestani native detained in Moscow explains the street shooting from automatic rifle



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